«Emanuel Barbosa is an experienced creative individual with an eye for design and a wonderful way with people. He was the brain behind the new look of casa international - a design magazine published in China since 2002, the new identity has received endless praise since it launched. Emanuel is also a joy to work and spend time with, his expertise and never ending stream of ideas makes working with him so easy and very productive. »
Chen Yuanzheng, Executive Editor of Casa International Magazine, Beijing, China
«Emanuel helped with his article to establish our successful educational series in Baseline Magazine. His is a true designer and educator. »
Hans Dieter Reichert, Editor and Art Director of Baseline Magazine, Kent, UK
«Emanuel is a pleasure to work with, very professional and detail oriented, as well as a very talented designer. i gladly recommend him with out any hesitation!!»
David Carson, Art Director & Graphic Designer, New York, USA
«Emanuel Barbosa handles the small and the large with the same professional humanity.
His tight and popular contact with the students at ESAD University of Porto, Portugal, is indisputable. His broad international contact area provides the students and the university as a whole a deep and crucial input.
His fingertip sensitivity for design in all its forms and locations is admired.»
Bo Bergström, Creative Director, Educator, Author, Stockholm, Sweden
«One of the things that impresses us about the work of Vestigio is its variety. Judging from their projects wich we have included in our design reference books, Vestigio's designers are people of great flexibility and skill.»
Greg Varner, Design Editions, Washington, USA.
«Many of our graphic design collections have featured Emanuel Barbosa's works, including his posters, greeting cards, shopping bags and business cards. His designs share a common simplicity, using limited colors and bold composition that make an impact with their style and vitality. All of his work contain marks and logos as their key visual element, making a strong impression that stays long in the viewer's mind.»
Shingo Miyoshi, PIE Books, Tokyo, Japan.
«Emanuel Barbosa is one of the best designers living in Portugal and represents the future of Graphic Design on this country.»
Art Chantry, Graphic Designer, Seattle, USA
«"Letterhead and Logo Design 6" is a great addition to the library of any graphic artist. Tonality, shading, and shadow really come into their own as integral design elements in this volume with a brilliant design (page 42) from Emanuel Barbosa for Vector XXI (...), which is perhaps my favorite of all showcased designs in the book.»
Robert I. Hedges, Amazon.com reviewer, USA
«Congratulations Emanuel, your work has been chosen.
The judging for LogoLounge Volume 4, has been completed. We are excited with the exceptional quality level of work selected for this fourth volume. We are also very pleased to inform you that your work has been chosen for inclusion in the new book by an international panel of judges, including Louis Lygo of Wolff Olins, Jerry Kuyper of Jerry Kuyper Partners, Jason Schulte of Jason Schulte Design, Gaby de Abreu of Switch Branding & Design, Haley Johnson of Haley Johnson Design, Neville Brody of Research Studios, Janet Martin of Communication Arts, Inc., and Chris Campbell of Interbrand.»
Bill Gardner, LogoLounge, USA