name: Portuguese Mopeds
year: 2006/2007
author: Emanuel Barbosa
client: UPV
dimensions: 100 pages
Research project developed for the PhD (level DEA - Diploma de Estudios Avanzados and “Título de Especialista Universitario en el Dibujo y sus Técnicas de Expresión”), Universidade Politécnica de Valencia, España, 2007

The two-wheeled vehicles were through times an effective solution to human mobility. It was used as technologic exercise, as a leisure machine or as a work tool. It became an essential tool for human activities.

The Portuguese industry developed an interesting collection of models but it was not able to keep competitive against the aggressive international competition. The "memoir" of this Portuguese industrial adventure it is now part of the collective imagination of the Portuguese. With this investigation it was possible to understand the melancholy of the population concerning this topic.

The possibilities of this research show a huge path that it still needs to be investigated.