Revista “DeForma”, Número 03, January 2012, Sendema Editorial, Valencia
De Forma Magazine
"Quadra Maritima Matosinhos" - How to plan a new creative strategy for a district in a city? Matosinhos City Hall together with ESAD - a private portuguese design school are working on that as a team.

"Pli" Magazine, issue 02, Winter 2011, ESAD, Matosinhos
Pli Magazine
"David Carson Design" - an article about the North-American graphic designer David Carson. Known for his innovative magazine design, and use of experimental typography. Carson was the art director for the magazine Ray Gun. Perhaps one of the most influential graphic designers on the history of Graphic Design.

"Package Design" Magazine, issue 158, January 2010, Packaging & Design Publishing House, Guangzhou
Packaging & Design
"Graphic Design in Portugal" - an article about the history of portuguese design and designers.

Revista “Baseline”, Número 52, Summer 08/2007, Bradbourne Publishing, Ltd., Kent
Baseline Magazine
One of the most loved & hated graphic designers of all time is the North American Art Chantry, known for his raw, strong and crude visual imagery that uses the complex meanings of American popular culture to reach the viewer with violent and effective messages. The first time I saw the book Instant Litter – Concert Posters from Seattle Punk Culture I was amazed; only someone very special would search inside everybody’s wastebasket, dig for forgotten photocopied punk concert posters and treat them with an almost scientific method…

Revista Identity, Número 11, Summer 2007, Art Graphics, Moscow
Identity Magazine
"Design Colonizers" - The Portuguese, pioneers of the Great geographical discoveries, sailors and colonialists, having had their historical roots as a poly-cultural nation, to this day continue to "digest" other cultures. Fruity and live projects from Firegirl, Fluordesign, MyBrand, ShiftDesign, João Machado, burokratik, Francisco Providencia and Vestigio represent design as large as life.